About Us

Diverse Aircraft Services

Diverse Aircraft Services (DAS) is an FAA/EASA 145 Certified Repair Station with a state-of-the-art facility in Miami, Florida, conveniently located minutes away from Miami International Airport. DAS has over 30 years of experience providing commercial and military services to clients around the globe. Our expertise includes wing repairs, on-ground aircraft support, pneumatics, flight controls, fuel components, composite/sheet metal, generators, and integrated drive units.

DAS is dedicated to helping you, our select customer, with all your aircraft component needs, from simple repairs to parts purchases and engineering support.

Our Vision

DAS aims to lead the aviation industry in providing a broad range of aviation products and services that enable customers to operate their aircraft and components safely and efficiently, delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our Priority is Safety more than anything else. Safety begets Quality which allows us to bring operational excellence to our customers.

Values We Live By

We strive to maintain a high standard of excellence in our industry. We believe in innovative solutions for the long-term benefit of all our stakeholders. We embrace continuous improvement, which allows us to deliver the most value to our customers.

Integrity is a foundational value, and we are committed to professional business ethics which allow us to create and maintain long-lasting customer relationships.

Teamwork within our organization and with our partners helps us to build strong connections and assist in achieving mutual goals. We understand that the well-being of our partners fosters greater strength as a group of companies. We are in the enviable position of being able to leverage each of our company’s core competencies to provide full-service solutions for our partners.


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